C programs: 43

config_parse.c: Remove comments and trimming from config file [Mar-01-2011]

pthread_concurrency.c: multi-threaded concurrency syncronization performance testing [Dec-18-2009]

sigalarm.c: timer example with setitimer and SIGALRM handler [Nov-26-2009]

64_bit_test.c: Test if a machine is 32 or 64 bits [Nov-11-2009]

file_lock.c: advisory file locking using fcntl [Sep-26-2009]

directio.c: Direct IO on device with no filesystem [Aug-22-2009]

hostname.c: GNU libc call to get the local hostname [Aug-09-2009]

time_test.c: Speed comparison of time function vs gettimeofday [May-17-2009]

gettimeofday_diff.c: elapsed time using gettimeoday [May-13-2009]

multi_process_socket.c: Socket server that forks a new process for each incoming connection [May-03-2009]

elapsed.c: use clock_gettime with CLOCK_MONOTONIC for getting elapsed times [Mar-28-2009]

reverse_words_in_string.c: Reverse the words in a string [Mar-15-2009]

ptr2string.c: convert a pointer to string in semi-platform independent way [Jan-02-2009]

epoch2string.c: convert a epoch time into a readable string [Jan-02-2009]

lseek.c: lseek system call demonstration [Sep-02-2008]

open_write.c: use open and write system calls to print hello world to a file [Aug-31-2008]

pipe_write_read.c: pipe function for low level ipc [Feb-03-2008]

apr_string.c: apache portable runtime library string functions [Dec-31-2007]

backtrace.c: libc function to print function stack from code [Dec-22-2007]

aprpool.c: apache runtime library memory pools [Dec-09-2007]

execve.c: execve transforms the current process into a new process [Dec-02-2007]

fork.c: fork a child process [Dec-02-2007]

popen.c: use popen to start a new process and open a pipe to it [Nov-18-2007]

adjacent_str_literals.c: string literals that are adjacent are concatenated [Nov-11-2007]

bsearch.c: binary search of a sorted array [Nov-11-2007]

dl_list.h: doubly linked list implementation [Nov-11-2007]

doubly_linked_list.c: double linked list example usage [Nov-11-2007]

embedded_list.c: a list struct that can be embedded into other structs [Nov-11-2007]

exhaust_stack.c: how many recursive function calls can you make before core dumping [Nov-11-2007]

factorial.c: iterative and recursive factorial functions [Nov-11-2007]

find_cycle.c: function to determine if there is a cycle in a linked list [Nov-11-2007]

function_pointers.c: pass function pointers as argument to a function [Nov-11-2007]

gzprintf.c: use zlib to print directly to a zipped file [Nov-11-2007]

qsort.c: sorts an array [Nov-11-2007]

readstdin.c: read strings from stdin [Nov-11-2007]

reverse_list.c: function to reverse a singlely linked list [Nov-11-2007]

reverse_list_recursive.c: recursive function to reverse a singlely linked list [Nov-11-2007]

rtrim.c: right trim a string [Nov-11-2007]

signal.c: handle a signal [Nov-11-2007]

single_linked_list.c: example usage singly linked list [Nov-11-2007]

sl_list.h: singlely linked list implentation [Nov-11-2007]

string_compression.c: use zlib to compress and uncompress a string in memory [Nov-11-2007]

unzip.c: use zlib to unzip a file [Nov-11-2007]