Perl programs: 64 use the confess function to die and print a stack trace [May-19-2009] each to iterate through both keys and values of a hash [Feb-09-2008] split on white space [Feb-09-2008] use the ref function to determine if a scalar contains a reference [Jan-20-2008] uloop labels and the next keyword to go to next iteration of outerloop [Jan-19-2008] use map function to transform the members of an array into another array [Jan-19-2008] use the grep function to select members from an array [Jan-13-2008] access the last elements in an array using negative subscripts [Jan-13-2008] upload a file to Amazon S3 storage web service [Jan-06-2008] autovivification property of perl [Jan-03-2008] exec system call [Dec-25-2007] unless keyword, reverse of an if condition [Dec-22-2007] until keyword, loop while a condition is false [Dec-22-2007] obtain the Google page rank for a url [Dec-09-2007] yahoo finance API for retrieving stock data [Nov-23-2007] extracting command line args from @ARGV [Nov-11-2007] Use an array in boolean context [Nov-11-2007] Use an array in scalar context [Nov-11-2007] Backticks operator for command execution [Nov-11-2007] bare blocks of code [Nov-11-2007] convert ctime formatted string to epoch time [Nov-11-2007] convert epoch time to a string [Nov-11-2007] split a file path into the filename and path using File::Basename [Nov-11-2007] File test operators [Nov-11-2007] foreach loops, be careful [Nov-11-2007] function to combine 2 arrays using references [Nov-11-2007] Filename Globbing Operator [Nov-11-2007] Using hash in other contexts [Nov-11-2007] Initialization of hash variables [Nov-11-2007] here documents for quoting free-form text in perl code [Nov-11-2007] here documents executed on the shell [Nov-11-2007] here documents that are repeated [Nov-11-2007] convert a string that has a hex number into a numeric value [Nov-11-2007] high resolution timer, microsecond precision [Nov-11-2007] Integer division and modulo [Nov-11-2007] binary, octal, decimal, and hex literals [Nov-11-2007] keyword last [Nov-11-2007] Using a list on the RHS of an assignment operator [Nov-11-2007] using underscores to clarify numeric literals [Nov-11-2007] Loop through other wacky ranges [Nov-11-2007] declaring variables with keyword my [Nov-11-2007] scalars, arrays, and hashes have their own namespaces [Nov-11-2007] keyword next [Nov-11-2007] declaring variables with keyword our [Nov-11-2007] subroutine prototypes that expect scalar arguments [Nov-11-2007] alternate forms of single / double quotes and backticks [Nov-11-2007] Loop through a range of numbers [Nov-11-2007] Range Flip Flop [Nov-11-2007] Read a file from disk [Nov-11-2007] Read lines of input from stdin [Nov-11-2007] References to scalars [Nov-11-2007] match a string with a regex (and file io) [Nov-11-2007] Repetition operator [Nov-11-2007] perl formats for report generation [Nov-11-2007] Iterate a hash in sorted order by key [Nov-11-2007] split function demonstration [Nov-11-2007] The difference between single and double quoted strings [Nov-11-2007] simple subroutine -- interesting difference from C [Nov-11-2007] replace a pattern with other text [Nov-11-2007] Interactive IO on console [Nov-11-2007] there are no switch control structures in perl [Nov-11-2007] ternary conditional operator [Nov-11-2007] convert epoch time to a string using a specified timezone [Nov-11-2007] use v strings to specify a string by ascii characters [Nov-11-2007]